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Smoked Fish Medley


$22.95 per person
An all time favorite… perfect for any occasion. The centerpiece of our platter is a beautiful fillet or stuffed whitefish surrounded by tempting layers of the finest sable plate, kippered baked salmon and slices of our own master smoked nova and/or belly lox. A garnished bowl of tender marinated herring fillets in your choice of our classic cream and/or wine sauce.
Your choice of three of our homemade cream cheese spreads and butter.
Our beautifully garnished tomato, red Bermuda onion, cucumber and Greek olive platter.
An assortment of your favorite varieties of Bagel Boss bagels, bialys and flagels ® all sliced to order.


Bagel, Bialy and Flagel

Please indicate any bagel, bialy or flagels you would like omitted.


Amount of Guests
Amount of Guests
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